Hamilton County

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Hamilton County is named for Alexander Hamilton ( 1757-1804 ), Revolutionary War veteran, author of The Federalist, and the first Secretary of the Treasury for the United States.


Created:  March 6, 1873

County Seat:

Syracuse  1886 – present


County Courthouse – Syracuse  


Location:  219 North Main Street / Avenue East

Built:  1938

Style:  Art Deco

Architect:  H G Overend & C F Boucher of Wichita

Contractor:  Frank E Blaser


Description:  The building faces west and is a rectangular two story buff colored brick and concrete structure. On the west front is white colored stone trim with trim around the entrance. This was A Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works project.


Note:  The previous courthouse was designed by W T Hears and constructed in 1887.


See:  The architect, Overend & Boucher of Wichita, designed courthouses in Kearny County and Washington County.



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Photos taken 2007