Montmagny – Saint Michael de Bellechasse

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Old Palais de Justice – Saint Michael de Bellechasse


Location:  8 Avenue Saint Charles

Built:  1859 – 1860

Style:  Classical

Architect:  Majorique Mercier of Saint-Michael

Contractor:  Majorique Mercier of Saint-Michael


Description:  The building faces west and is a two story wood frame structure. The building is located on a slight slope in the centre of the tow. The building has a central staircase rising to the entrance. The rectangular building is 40 feet by 30 feet. On the hipped roof are five dormers. The building ceased to serve as a courthouse in 1899 and now houses the Bibliotheque Benoit Lacoix.


Note: The courthouse was planned by the Council of Bellechasse and the contract was awarded to Majorique Mercier, who was a carpenter in Saint-Michael.


See:  The Montmagny Judicial District palais de justice is located in Montmagny..




Old Palais de Justice
















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