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Lincoln County is named for Abraham Lincoln, who was a member of Congress from Illinois ( 1847-1849 and President of the United States ( 1861-1865 ).


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Okanogan CountyFerry County and Stevens County

E – Spokane County

S – Whitman County and Adams County

W – Grant County


Created:  November 24, 1883                Map of Washington highlighting Lincoln County

County Seat: 

Davenport  1883 – 1884

Sprague     1884 – 1896

Davenport  1896 – present


County Courthouse – Davenport 


Location:  450 Logan Street / East 4th Street

Built:  1897 – 1898

Style:  Renaissance Revival

Architect:  Dow & Hubell

Contractor:  Fred Baske


Description:  The building  faces south and is a two story buff colored brick structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Davenport and has a portico supported by two large white colored columns with a balcony above at the second story. The east and west wings extend from the main building. On the roof center is a square platform with a small white colored cupola with green colored roof. The courtroom is located on the second story,  The building houses the County Superior Court. In 1906, the building was remodeled and enlarged. The architect was Dow and Mussell and the contractor was Hastie and Dougan. In 1938, the building was modernized. After a fire in 1995, the building was rebuilt in 1996. The architect was 3E Design Group and the contractor was McBride Construction Resources Incorporated.


County District Courthouse – Davenport 




Location: 406 Sinclair Street / East 4th Street

Built:  1983 – 1984

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Adison-Leigh-Sims-Cuppage Architects

Contractor:  Atkinson Construction Company, Inc.


Description:  The building faces south.and is a two story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located on the north side of the courthouse in the center of Davenport and has a west wing and an east wing joined by a center section.  The west wing has a recessed entrance with concrete facing and houses the District Court. The roof line is flat. The building houses the County District Court. The building was constructed as the Public Safety Building. The building was remodeled in 1996. The architect was 3 E Design Group and the contractor was McBride Construction Resources Incorporated. The project manager was CMA Project Management.


History:  The county was created in 1883 and Davenport was selected as the county seat. The county seat was moved to Spraque in 1884. In 1886, the first courthouse was built by Chris Nygard at cost of $10,000. The building was razed in 1966. In 1896, the county seat was moved back to Davenport. The second and present courthouse was constructed in 1897 to 1898 at a cost of $12,000.




County Courthouse – Davenport

















































County District Courthouse – Davenport










Photos taken 2006 and 2016