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Washington County is named for George Washington, who was the first President of the United States from 1789 to 1797.


Surrounmding County Courthouses: 

N – Russell County

E – Smyth County and Grayson County

S – Johnson County, Tennessee, Sullivan County, Tennessee and Bristol

W – Scott County 


Created:  October 7, 1776                      Map of Virginia highlighting Washington County

County Seat: 

Abingdon   1777 – present


County Courthouse – Abingdon  


Location:  191 East Main Street / Court Street NE

Built:  1867 – 1868

Style:  Classical Revival

Architect:  James Fields, David Fields and Hockman.

Contractor:  James Fields, David Fields and Hockman.


Description:  The building faces southeast and is a two story colored red brick and wood structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Abingdon. The southeast front has a large porch with four large white colored Doric columns rising to the roof line. An Italianate cornice follows the flat roof line. The recessed central entrance is framed with white colored wood. On the roof is a tiered square white colored cupola. On the northwest and southwest sides is a new addition constructed in 1954. The building was renovated in 1987. The architect was Dewberry & Davis and the contractor was Harold Kistner Construction Company.


Note:  Of special note is the Tiffany stained glass window above the courthouse entrance. It was dedicated on July 4, 1919, to honor those who served in World War I.


History:  The first courthouse was built in 1799. Three earlier courthouses stood on the present site. The second courthouse was constructed about 1800. The third courthouse was built by Herbert Ledbetter and William Fields in 1850 and was burned during the Civil War by Union soldiers in December 1864. The fourth and present Washington County courthouse was completed in 1868. James Fields, David Fields and Hockman probably used the plans of Herbert Ledbetter and William Fields who had built the 1850 courthouse.






County Courthouse – Abingdon


































Photos taken 2013