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Haralson County is named for Hugh A Haralson, who was a congressman and a general.


Created:  January 26, 1856

County Seat: 

Buchanan   1856 – present


County Courthouse – Buchanan  


Location:  4485 Highway 120 / Courthouse Drive

Built:  1971 – 1972

Style:  Modern

Architect:  I E Saporta

Contractor:  Bard Construction Company


Description:  The building faces north and is a two story light yellow colored brick and glass structure. The building sits on the side of a hill with the main entrance on the second story. The north side has large horizontal windows. The center section projects from the main building. The roof line is flat.


Old County Courthouse – Buchanan  




Location:  145 Van West Street / Weatherly Street

Built:  1891 – 1892

Style:  Queen Anne

Architect:  Alexander C Bruce & Thomas H Morgan of Atlanta

Contractor:  G W Goulding of Cleburne County, Alabama


Description:  The building faces east and is a three story red colored brick and stone Queen Anne style structure. On the southeast corner is a high square brick clock tower with steep roof. On the northeast corner is a round tower with windows and rounded dome. The building serves as a museum and offices of the Haralson County Historical Society and the Library.


Note:  The grand jury recommended that the costs of a new courthouse were not to exceed $20,000. The contract to build the courthouse was awarded at $16,989.50. The contractor ran out of money and Judge S M Davenport wrote a warrant for $1000 so that the building could be completed. The architects Bruce & Morgan of Atlanta also designed singly or as partners a number of courthouses including courthouses in Hancock County, Fulton County and Newton County.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Haralson County Courthouse



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