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St. Francis

Saint Francis County is named for the Saint Francis River which flows through the county and which is named for Saint  Francis of Assisi the patron saint of the Franciscan order.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Cross County and Crittenden County

E – Crittenden County

S – Lee County

W – Monroe County and Woodruff County


Created:  October 13, 1827                    Map of Arkansas highlighting Saint Francis County

County Seat:        

Franklin        1827 – 1840

Madison       1840 – 1855

Mt. Vernon   1855 – 1856

Madison       1856 – 1874

Forrest City  1874 – present


County Courthouse – Forrest City


Location:  313 South Izard Street / Court Avenue

Built:  1971 – 1972

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Cromwell, Neyland, Truemper, Mallett & Gatchell and Bob J Beaver of Forrest City

Contractor:  Hatcher Construction Company


Description:  The building faces west and is a two story red colored brick, concrete and glass structure. The building sits on the side of a low hill to the south of the center of Forrest City. The west front has a high square red brick tower with clock. The central entrance is recessed with glass walls. The sections along the south part project from the main building and are one story. The north section is two stories with the large courtroom on the second story and the small courtroom on the first story. A wide white colored band runs along the flat roof line. On the east side of the courthouse is the square red colored brick District Court which faces south.


Note:  The first court met at the home of William Strong and moved to Franklin. In 1840, it moved to Madison and in 1855 a courthouse was built in Mt. Vernon which burned in 1856. The court moved to Madison until 1874 when a frame courthouse was built in Forrest City. In 1897 the previous courthouse was designed by Rickon & Thompson and constructed by C W Clark.




County Courthouse – Forrest City











































Picture 1897 County Courthouse




Photos taken 2011, 2012 and 2018