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Marshall County – Guntersville is named for John Marshall, who was Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Madison County and Jackson County

E – DeKalb County

S – Etowah County

W – Blount CountyCullman County and Morgan County


Created:  January 9, 1836                                                          Map of Alabama highlighting Marshall County

County Seat:

Claysville                       1836 – 1838

Marshall ( Wyeth City )  1838 – 1841

Warrenton                      1841 – 1848

Guntersville                    1848 – present


County Courthouse – Guntersville


Location:  424 Blount Avenue / Taylor Street

Built:  1935 – 1936

Style:  Modern

Architect:  C H McCauley

Contractor:  W L Costou


Description:  The building  faces northwest and is a three story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Gunterville. The west entrance on the second story has a limestone portico. The building forms a “T” and descends east down the slope of the hill. The red roof is pitched. The building houses the County Circuit Court, the County District Court and the Probate Court of the 27th Judicial District. The building was remodeled in 1962 to 1963. The architect was Martin J Lide of Birmingham and the contractor was Jesse and Chris Rush. An addition of four stories was built on the east side in 1989 and 1990. The architect was Adams Design Associates and the contractor was Consolidated Construction.


See:  The architect,  Martin J Lide of Birmingham, designed courthouses in Alabama in Blount CountyCullman CountySaint Clair County, Tallapoosa County and Wilcox County and in Tennessee in Anderson CountyRoane County, Union County and White County.


County Courthouse – Albertville




Location:  133 South Emmett Street / West Main Street

Built:  1935 – 1936

Style:  Federal

Architect:  C H McCauley

Contractor:  W L Costou


Description:  The building faces north and is a two story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Albertville. The north front has vertical dividers with windows between. The entrance is at the center of the first story. The roof line is flat. The building houses the County Circuit Court and the County District Court of the 27th Judicial District. An addition was built on the south side.


History:  The county was created in 1836 and Claysville was designated as the county seat. The county seat was moved to Marshall (Wyeth City ) in 1838. The first courthouse was a cotton loft in Marshall ( Wyeth City ) used from 1838 to 1841. The second courthouse was a frame house in Warrenton  used from 1841 to 1848. The county seat was moved to Gunterville in 1848 and a brick structure was erected as the third courthouse. The fourth courthouse was designed and constructed by Edward M Wallen in 1895. The present courthouse was constructed in 1935 and remodeled in 1963. A courthouse was constructed in Albertville in 1935.




County Courthouse – Gunterville

























County Courthouse – Albertville










Photos taken 2010 and 2014