Oklahoma Supreme Court

US States / O-U / Oklahoma / Oklahoma Supreme Court

Oklahoma City

Location:  2100 North Lincoln Boulevard / Northeast 23rd Street

Built:  1915 – 1917

Style:  Classicial Greco-Roman

Architect:  Wemyss Smith and S  A Layton of Oklahoma City

Contractor:  James Stewart Construction Company


Description:  The Oklahoma Supreme Court is housed in the State Capiol on the second floor of the west wing. The buildinng faces south and is a five story gray stone structure. The outside is made of Indiana limestone and the base is of Oklahoma pink and black granite. The floors are Alabama marble and the stairs and wall bases are Vermont marble. The north-south width is over 300 feet in length, and the east-west is over 422 feet in length. The Rotunda reaches 105 feet from the inlaid terrazzo State Seal on the first floor to a similar seal on the ceiling surrounded by leaded glass art work. On the south wall of the building, above the Grand Staircase, are three murals representing Oklahomans who gave their lives during World War I. The Oklahoma Supreme Court is divided into two parts. The Supreme Court is located in the west and the State Court of Criminal Appeals is located in the north wing of the second floor.





Photos taken 2010