Atoka County

US States / O-U / Oklahoma / Atoka County

Atoka County is named for Atoka, who was captain and a noted Choctaw Native American.


Created:  November 16, 1907

County Seat:

Atoka  1907 – present


County Courthouse – Atoka 


Location:  200 East Court Street / South Delaware Avenue

Built:  1964 – 1965

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Monroe Parker, AIA

Contractor:  James D Hight


Description: The building facesi north and is a two story buff colored brick and concrete structure. The north front has steps leading up to a canter leavered canopy supported by brick pillars. A hallway leads to a recessed entrance and an open atrium in the building front. The east and west sides have windows divided by pink coloured panels with canter leaved canopies above the first story windows.


Note:  The previous courthouse was designed by Jewell Hicks and constructed by Caddo Construction Compsany in 1913 to 1914. The building was demoloished and replaced by the present courthouse.



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E – Pushmatah County

S – Choctaw County and Bryan County

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Photos taken 2009