Texas County

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Texas County is named for the Republic of Texas.


Created:  February 17, 1843

County Seat:

Houston  1846 – present


County Courthouse – Houston  


Location:  210 North Grand Avenue / East Main Street

Built:  1931 – 1932

Style:  Art Deco

Architect:  E S Johnson of Johnson and Maack of St. Louis

Contractor:  George H Gassman Construction Company


Description: The building faces west and is a two story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is 95 by 70 feet. The building has a projecting center section with entrance framed with white stone. Two brick pillars rise to white stone tops in the center of the west front. The base of the building is concrete and the roof line is flat.


Note:  The first courthouse was built by James G Sweeny at a cost of $500. The superintendent was James R Gardner. The second courthouse was built at Houston in 1847, was damaged in 1850 and the court met at the home of Richard Y Smiley. The third courthouse was built by Allen Hamer in 1851 at a cost of $550. The superintendent was R W Rogers. In 1860, the building was ordered to be sold. The fourth courthouse was built in 1859 to 1860 by George W Read at a cost of $4650. The superintendent was E Y Mitchell. After the Civil War, a temporary courthouse was built in 1865. The fifth courthouse was designed by Ira Martin and built by Richard Y Smiley in 1869 to 1871 at a cost of $6000. The superintendent was Valentine Sutton. Richard Y Smiley and Joseph Parson bought the temporary courthouse. In 1881, the courthouse was damaged by fire and Arthur Bates reconstructed the courthouse at a cost of $4270. The superintendent was Jackson Cobble. In 1901, the building was altered at a cost of $5873. The architect was Henry H Hohenschild and the contractor was George E Matthews. The courthouse was destroyed by fire on December 14, 1930. The present courthouse is a restoration and rebuilding of the damaged courthouse, at a cost of $20,140 plus $25,000 to finish the second story in 1932.


County Justice Center – Houston  




Location:  519 North Grand Avenue / Spruce Street

Built:  2007 – 2008

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Treanor Architects of Kansas City

Contractor:  Septagon Construction Company and Anderson Engineering Inc.


Description: The building faces east and is a two story red colored brick, glass and concrete structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds. The center of the east front projects with recessed entrance on the first story. There are large windows on the north and south sides of the front. A white colored band runs along the flat roof line.



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