Benton County

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Benton County is named for Thomas Hart Benton, a United States Senator from Missouri from 1821 to 1851.


Created:  October 27, 1849

County Seat:

Sauk Rapids   1850 – 1856

Watab             1856 – 1859

Sauk Rapids   1859 – 1901

Foley              1901 – present


County Courthouse – Foley


Location:  615 Highway 23 / 6th Avenue North

Built:  1997 – 1998

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Buetow and Associates, Inc. of St. Paul

Contractor:  Construction Analysis and Management, Inc. of Minneapolis


Description:  The building faces south and is a one story brick, stone, concrete and glass structure. The building is the Benton County Courts Facility and covers 33,000 square feet. The building resembles the nearby jail which was built in 1994. The south front has a central entrance with semi-circular portico. The roof line is flat. The buildings are connected by an underground tunnel. The building houses two judges chambers, staff, court administration offices, corrections, county attorney and the law library.


County Administration – Foley




Location:  531 Dewey Street / 6th Avenue North

Built:  1901 – 1902

Style:  Romanesque Revival

Architect:  S H Haas

Contractor:  A G Wahl.


Description:  The building faces east and is a two story yellow colored brick structure. A renovation in 1979, turned the building into a smooth rectangular block with plain mansard roof and glass-brick windows. The entrance from the annex consists of carpeted steps rising to the original entrance flanked by polished granite pillars. The building now houses the Benton County Administration. The architect in 1979 was Pauly and Olson of St. Cloud. The annex on the west side was built in 1974. The architect was Traynor, Hermanson and Hahn of St. Clous and the contractor was Conlon Construction. The building served as the courthouse until 1998.


Note:  The home of Jeremiah Russel served as the first court. In 1856, a church in Watab served as the courthouse. In 964, rooms over a store in Sauk Rapids served as the courthouse and in 1866, the first courthouse was built at a cost of $600. The present old courthouse was constructed at a cost of $12,900.


County Sheriff’s Office and Jail – Foley


Location:  615 Highway 23 / 6th Avenue North

Built:  1994 – 1996

Style:  Modern

Architect:  KKE Architects, Inc. of Minneapolis

Contractor:  W Gohman Construction of St. Joseph


Description:  The building faces south and is a one story yellow colored brick and concrete structure. The roof line is flat. The building forms the western section of the Benton County Courts Facility and is connected by tunnel to the courthouse.



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Photos taken 2007 and 2010