York County

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York County is named for King James II of England, who was the Duke of York.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Oxford County 

E – Cumberland County

S – Atlantic Ocean and Rockingham County, New Hampshire

W – Strafford County, New Hampshire



Created:  November 20, 1652                                                    Map of Maine highlighting York County

County Seat: 

York     1652 – 1803

York     1803 – 1832

Alfred   1803 – present


County Courthouse – Alfred  


Location:  45 Kennebunk Road / Biddeford Road

Built:  1806 – 1807

Style:  Colonial Revival

Architect:  William Parsons and John Holmes

Contractor:  William Parsons and John Holmes


Description:  The building faces east and s a two story red colored brick structure. The building is locarted on spacious landscaped grounds in the center of Alfred. The building has a large central portico with four large white colored columns rising to a pediment at the roof line. On the center of the roof rises a narrow octagonal white colored cupola with green colored dome. A fire proof addition was built in 1819. The north and south wings were added in 1854. Fire destroyed the center section in 1933 and was rebuilt in 1934. An addition was added in 1956 to 1957. The facade copies the original 1836 courthouse.


History:  York was the seat of the Province of Maine. The court first met in the York meetinghouse built in 1634. The second meetinghouse was built in 1675. The third meetinghouse was a larger building built in 1712. The first courthouse was built in 1733 to 1735.  In 1760, court was held in Biddeford and a courthouse was built in 1792. Court met in Kennebunk in 1800. In 1803, court sessions were moved to Alfred and Alfred was named as the county seat. The court met in the meetinghouse. The second and present courthouse was constructed in 1806 to 1807 at a cost of $3,500. A new courthouse was built in York in 1810 to 1811. A Record Office was built in Alfred in 1817 to 1819 at a cost of $3,056.In 1832, York ceased to be a shire town. The cost of the c1854 courthouse wings was $29,272.



District Courthouse – Biddeford




Location:  25 Adams Street / Jefferson Street

Built:  1996 – 1998

Style:  Modern

Architect:  PDT Architects of Portland

Contractor:  Nowak Construction of Newcastle


Description:  The building faces northwest and is a one story dark red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located in the center of Biddeford The northwest front has a raised entrance on the first story with high vertical windows divided by concrete pillars. The green colored roof is hipped.


District Courthouse – Springdale




Location:  447 Main Street / Mill Street

Built:  2000 – 2002

Style:  Modern

Architect:  PDT Architects of Portland

Contractor:  Payton Construction Corporation of Saco


Description:  The building faces northeast and is a two story red colored brick, concrete and glass structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Springdale. The northeast front has a recessed center section with the main entrance at the northwest corner of the building where there is a small porch. The roof line is flat.


District Courthouse – York




Location:  11 Chase Pond Road / Perkins Drive

Built:  Unknown

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Unknown

Contractor:  Unknown


Description:  The building faces west and is a two story gray colored siding frame structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in York. The building was constructed for the Transportation Branch and was converted into a courthouse. The west front has a large two story portico supported by two columns. The front entrance has a large fanlight above. The roof line is flat.






County Courthouse – Alfred


































District Courthouse – Biddeford













District Courthouse – Springdale













District Courthouse – York










Photos taken 2006 and 2014