Kentucky Supreme Court

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Location:  Capital Avenue / State Capitol Grounds

Built:  1905 – 1910

Style:  Beaux Arts

Architect:  Frank Mills Andrews of Chicago, Illinois

Contractor:  Creed Morgan Fleenor of Bowling Green ( Superintendent of Construction )


Description:  The buildinng faces north and is a three story building constructed of Oolitic limestone from Bedford Indiana, with a Vermont granite base. The building is located on spacious grounds and is surrounded by an architectural stone terrace. The face work of the outer walls are ornamented with 70 Ionic columns, all of them monoliths of Bedford stone. The building measures 402 feet 10 inches from east to west, and 180 feet from north to south. The height from the terrace to the top of the lantern is 212 feet. The Rotunda has a diameter of 57 feet and the building has 281 rooms. A richly sculptured pediment graces the north main entrance. It shows a heroic lady, Kentucky, standing in front of a chair of State, with Progress, History, Plenty, Law, Art and Labour as her attendants. The naive is generous in length and breadth and is ornamented with 36 monolithic columns of granite from Barre, Vermont. The white marble used in the construction of walls and stairways is from Georgia quarries. Tennessee ( light color ) and Italian ( dark color ) finished marble was used for the floors. A dome rises above the Rotunda. Much French influence is found in the building. The Rotunda and interior of the dome, and the lantern and dome exterior. The dome is a reproduction of the Hotel des Invalides over the Tomb of Napoleon in Paris, France. Stairways, banisters and balustrades are patterned after those in the Opera of Paris.


Second floor contains the Supreme Court and Law Library. The Supreme Court is located in the east wing. The Chamber is completed with woodwork and center chandelier. The Chamber is noted for its solid Honduras mahogany paneling. The elegant coffered ceiling covered in “old Dutch Metal” leafing, is hammered to imitate aged bronze. The room was originally used for the Court of Appeals in 1910. The Law library is located on the center of the south side.


See:  The Supreme Court is located in  Franklin Countyand the Kentucky Court of Appeals is also located in the county.




Kentucky State Capitol







Supreme Court Chamber




























Photos taken 1968, 2007 and 2018