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Sedgwick County is named for John Sedgwick, who was a Major-General of volunteers in the United States Army and who was killed in the battle at Spotsylvania on May 9, 1864.


Created:  February 26, 1867

County Seat:

Wichita  1870 – present


County Courthouse – Wichita  


Location:  525 North Main Street / West Central Avenue

Built:  1956 – 1958

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Thomas, Harris, Calvin & Associates

Contractor:  Martin K Eby Construction Company Inc.


Description:  The building faces east and is an eleven story glass, steel and concrete skyscraper structure. The first and second stories are recessed on the east side with glass walls. The windows are horizontal. The walls without windows are a blue color. The roof line is flat. The south side has a two story extension and the north side has a long two story wing. The roof line is flat.


Old County Courthouse – Wichita  




Location:  504 North Main Street / Central Avenue

Built:  1888 – 1889

Style:  Victorian / Renaissance

Architect:  W R McPherson

Contractor:  W H Sternberg of Wichita


Description:  The building faces west and is a three story buff colored brick structure. The west front has a large arch with recessed entrance on the first story, arched window on the second story and pediment above. At the top is a parapet with the statue of Justice. There is a square tower on each corner with hipped roof. On the center of the roof is a large square tower with hipped roof. The base of the building is rough-hewn stone. The building now houses county offices. The building was restored in 1987. The architect was Sanford Roberts and the contractor was Habner, Foreman & Harness, Inc. The new courthouse is located across the street on the west side.


Note:  The courthouse is one of the oldest courthouses in Kansas. The construction contract awarded on August 30, 1888 was $197,329.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Old Sedgwick County Courthouse



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