Kossuth County

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Kossuth County is named for Lajos Kossuth, who was a Hungarian patriot and who lived from 1802 to 1894.


Created:  January 18, 1851

County Seat:

Algona  1866 – present


County Courthouse – Algona


Location:  114 West State Street / North Hall Street

Built:  1953 – 1954

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Dougher, Rich & Woodburn

Contractor:  Fagre Construction Company


Description: The building faces south and is a two story buff colored brick structure. The building has a higher section at the west side. The south front has vertical concrete dividers with smaller vertical dividers separating the windows. The entrance is towards the west side with a projecting overhang and glass walls. The roof line is flat.


Note:  In 1866, the first courthouse was built at a cost of $800. The second courthouse was designed by M Mix and constructed by Peter Purvis in 1872 at a cost of $40,000. The cost of construction of the present courthouse was $500,000.



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Photos taken 2008