Jackson County

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Jackson County is named for Andrew Jackson, who was the 7th President of the United States from 1829 to 1837.


Created:  December 21, 1837

County Seat:

Bellevue       1837 – 1848

Andrew         1848 – 1851

Bellevue       1851 – 1861

Andrew         1861 – 1873

Maquoketa   1873 – present


County Courthouse – Maquoketa


Location:  201 West Platte Street / South 2nd Street

Built:  1958 – 1959

Style:  Modern

Architect:  William J McNeil

Contractor:  Roth and Associates


Description: The building facesf aces south and is a one story concrete structure. The northwest section is a solid wall with the glass entrance adjacent with a dark blue ridged concrete section on the east. The roof line is flat.


 Note:  The first courthouse was a log cabin built in Andrew in 1841. The second courthouse was built in Bellevue around 1848. The third courthouse was built in 1861 in Andrew. The fourth courthouse was built in Maquoketa in 1873. This two-story stone building proved too small by 1938, and some county offices moved into other buildings until the present courthouse was constructed.


Old County Courthouse - Bellevue




Location:  100 South 3rd Street / Court Street

Built:  1845 – 1846

Style:  Greek Revival

Architect:  Dohaney & Jones

Contractor:  Dohaney & Jones


Description: The building faces east and is a two story red colored brick structure. The building was used as a courthouse until 1861. The center section extends east with an arched entrance on the first story and with a pediment at the roof. The roof is hipped. The building is now an elementary school.



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Photos taken 2008 and 2010