Indiana Supreme Court

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Location:  Capitol Avenue / Market Street

Built:  1878 – 1888

Style:  Classical Corinthian

Architect:  Edwin May of Indianapolis and Adolf Scherer

Contractor:  Adolf Scherer


Description:  The Supreme Court is located on the third floor of the north wing of the State Capitol. The buildinng faces east and is a four story Indiana limestone structure.The massive dome, 72 feet in diameter, rises from the center to a height of 234 feet. The dome is constructed of stone and rests on eight great columns of Maine granite. On each floor, a grand corridor, 68 feet wide, extends the entire length of the building, lighted from a skylight. A double row of marble columns, piers and pilasters support the upper structure. Eight Italian Carrara marble statues of heroic size, placed within the Rotunda at the third floor, represent Law, Oratory, Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Liberty, History and Art. On the main floor ( second floor ), niches in the support structure hold bronze and plaster busts honouring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as Indiana statesmen.  In the Supreme Court Chamber, the solid brass chandelier, the stained glass window and the carpet have all been restored to the original splendor. Next to the Chamber is the Supreme Court Library in the northeast corner.


See:  The Supreme Court is located in Marion County.



















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