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Lee County is named for Richard Henry Lee, who was an orator and statesman of the American Revolutionary War.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Ogle County

E – DeKalb County

S – La Salle County 

W – Whiteside County 


Created:  February 27, 1839                                                      Map of Illinois highlighting Lee County

County Seat:

Dixon  1839 – present


County Courthouse – Dixon


Location:  112 East 2nd Street / South Galena Avenue

Built:  1899 – 1901

Style:  Classical Revival

Architect:  Charles E Brush

Contractor:  William J McAlpine


Description: The building faces north and is a three story gray stone structure. The building is located on the spacious landscaped grounds of Courthouse Square. The base has horizontal lines. A decorative cornice runs along the roof line. The north front of the building has three stone arches on the first story and four large columns rising from the second to the top of the third story. At the roof over the entrance is a high stone balustrade with ornamental decorations. In the center is a large dome with green colored roof.


Note:  The first courthouse was built in 1840 to 1841 by Samuel M Bowman on the northeast corner of East Third Street and Ottawa Avenue at a cost of $7,610. An addition was constructed in 1876 and the building was demolished in 1900. The cost of construction of the present courthouse was $123,203.78.


County New Courts Building – Dixon




Location:  309 South Galena Avenue / West 3rd Street

Built:  1983 – 1984

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Unknown

Contractor:  Unknown


Description: The building faces north and is a four story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located southwest of the courthouse. The entrance on the second story is located at the northeast corner. The building descends southwards down a slope. The roof line is flat.







County Courthouse – Dixon













County New Courts Building

Photos taken 2006 and 2008