Canada Courthouses / Newfoundland and Labrador / Greenspond

Greenspond was named after two families, Green and Pond or it reflected the green of the trees that covered Greenspond Island and the harbor basin which resembled a pond. Or from the French “Grin d’Espagne” meaning “a little bit of Spain”.


Location:  Greenspond is located in the northeastern part of Newfoundland Island on Greenspond Island along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.


Judicial District:  Clarenville Judicial District


Courthouse – Greenspond


Location:  Main Street

Built:  1900 – 1901

Style:  Second Empire

Architect:  William Henry Churchill

Contractor:  J J Mifflin


Description:  The building faces north and is a two story white coloured wood frame structure. The front has a central projection square wood tower with two windows. The red coloured roof is mansard. The building housed the court, jail and jailer’s residence. The building is now a museum.


See:  The similar styled courthouses are located at Bonavista, PlacentiaSaint George’s and Trinity