Corner Brook

Canada Courthouses / Newfoundland and Labrador / Corner Brook

Corner Brook was named for the amalgamation of Curling, Corner Brook West, Corner Brook East and Townsite.


Location:  Corner Brook is located in the western part of Newfoundland Island on the Bay of Islands at the mouth of the Humber River.  


Judicial District:  Corner Brook Judicial District


Courthouse – Corner Brook


Location:  82 Mt. Bernard Drive / O’Connell Drive

Built:  2008 – 2010

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Shepherd Case Architects of St John’s

Contractor:  Allied Construction Management Inc. of St John’s


Description:  The building faces south and is a three story brown coloured stucco structure. The first story has pillars with recessed entrance. The centre section projects from the building and has a large window on the second story. The roof is hipped. The building houses the Supreme Court Trial Division, the District Court and the Family Court and is named as the Law Court.


Note:  The Supreme Court in Corner Brook was housed in the Sir Richard Squires Building, a 10-storey Government Building, from the years 1968 to 2010. The District Court, prior to its merger with the Supreme Court, was located on the 5th story of this building. The Supreme Court continued to travel on circuit to Corner Brook and its offices and courtrooms were located on the 6th story. The District Court merged with the Supreme Court in 1986 and subsequently occupied both the 5th and 6th stories. The cost of construction of the present Law Courts Building was $25,000,000.