Fort Vermilion

Canada Courthouses / Alberta / Fort Vermilion

Fort Vermilion is named for the vermilion coloured clays lining the river banks and Fort Vermilion was established as a trading post in 1788.


Location:  Fort Vermilion is located in the northern part of the Province.

Judicial District:  Peace River Judicial District


Provincial Courthouse – Fort Vermilion


Location:  4607 River Road / 47 Street

Built:  2015 – 2017

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Stantec Architecture Ltd. of Edmonton

Contractor:  BCT Structures Inc. of Lethbridge


Description:  The building faces northwest and is a one story steel, brick and concrete structure.. The building houses the Provincial Court.


Note:  The previous courthouse was built around 1987. The architect was Anthony T Hutton Architect ( 1983 ) Ltd.


See:  Within the Peace River Judicial District is the Court of Queens Bench at Peace River and Provincial Courthouses located at